Golden Troops VS Underground Mafias Army

Before I start, I’ll miss you Godzilla. I remember when me, you and Nathan were in the Noodles, that was a good memory!


Hallo everyone, this post is about the war between the UMA and GT.

Golden Troops had there first event that was posted on there site. The Underground Mafias Army, however, didn’t post the event, but they managed to pick up what the GT called “nubs” on CP. Before this battle, the UMA were expected to win by a huge margin. GT were a World Power army back in the early stages on 2010, and UMA were a World Power army back in 2006/2007. The GT however had started there new generation well, getting 20 – 30 at a un-shedrualed event, however that is not as good as there old numbers.

First of all is the confusion of the whole battle. The battles was over Half Pipe, which is known as a Watex Warriors server. However, the UMA had it on there nation list. Jerry, GT Leader  said it was UMA’s server, because it was shown on the UMA nation page. However, UMA leaders said it was a WW server.  But the fact that the server was on the UMA nation, it is counted as a invasion of UMA’s server, Halfpipe. Also after the battle, both armies claimed victory, so it is really very confusing on who actually owns Halfpipe.

The start of the battle was a very hectic one for the UMA. As they did not post the battle, they had to do a lot of recruiting on Clubpenguin, to try and even out the numbers. In-fact, the UMA did have slightly more during the battle, getting 30 – 35, around 20 – 25 of them were actuall UMA soldiers. The golden troops did do well for a restarting army, getting 25 – 30, around 20 – 25 of them were actuall GT soldiers. Soon the battle began and it seemed even in the Golden Troops pictures…

The town was claimed by the Golden Troops, as the UMA never showed up to defend the Town, as they were in the Snow Forts waiting the Golden Troop’s arrival to the Forts. The GT eventually claimed the Town…

Golden Troops 1 – 0 Underground Mafias Army

However, when the golden troops did eventually go to the Snowforts, they were totally out-played and there size was too good to match at that time for the Golden Troops, and the UMA won in the Forts.

Golden Troops 1 – 1 Underground Mafias Army

Soon, the battle moved to the Plaza. The size was the same to both armies in the Plaza, both UMA and GT having 25 – 30. However, the GT’s tactics were slightly better, so they win the Plaza…

Golden Troops 2 – 1 Underground Mafias Army

Soon the Battle split up, the UMA went to the Iceberg, and the GT went to the dock. Some WW battled UMA at the dock, but it was no match for the GT’s size. The GT had 25, and the UMA had 30 at that time, meaning the Iceberg was defended, but the Dock was also claimed!

Golden Troops 2 – 2 Underground Mafias Army

WE CLAIM DOCKGolden Troops 3 – 2 Underground Mafias Army

That’s all the rooms that had battling in, meaning GT did actually win in more rooms than the UMA, however UMA had better size through-out, but did the UMA use their size advantage to stop the GT? If you have the size, you have to use it to your advantage. However, did the GT win enough rooms, and should either of them have the server in the end anyway.

Normally, I would declare a winner and also put a poll up to let you, the reader, decide. But this time there are too many factors to the battle, it needs you alone to decide the winner to this controversal battle!

Do you think the GT vs UMA battle will continiue, and GT will be back into the top ten once again? Well, just comment your opinions and let yourself be heard, and talk about big topics with other people on the GT, UMA, Halfpipe, and WW!

Thanks for reading…


66 Responses

  1. For a new army, GT outnumbered the lower top 10 and kicked communist ass


  2. cool post.


    • Not to be mean to GT (as ganger90 is my friend and also a leader of that army) …but aren’t you sopose to claim 5 rooms to win a server? They only claimed 3, making that server will UMA’s/WW’s. Also there is no rule of saying ‘new armies just have to invade 2 rooms to win it’ …and if that rule is true then this army isn’t “new” its just “reborned” .

      Uma/Ww still own Halfpipe due to that.



  3. GT has won, as UMA only claimed 3 rooms: Snow Forts, Plaza and Ice Berg. We claimed: Dock, Town, Forest and Beach.
    Hail victory to the Golden Troops and give us our Top Ten spot as we strategically beat UMA.


  4. Woah ww attacked GT at the dock and stole almost all the noobs


  5. Since when did the GT come back….?


  6. Ah, yes. 2nd Gen GT.

    Hasn’t the rule always been that you had to claim 5 rooms to win the server? Ganger, GT Leader, is saying they claimed 4, and this post says 3. That being the case, they didn’t win, did they?


    • GT did claim 5 rooms though.

      The post says Town, Plaza, and Dock
      Ganger says Dock, Town, Forest and Beach

      That is 5 different rooms: Town, Plaza, Dock, Forest, and Beach. GT wins.


    • I thought we changed it after RPF took over like half of the IW Empire by running around claiming rooms with 5 people?


      • After we learned that the server was actually WW’s, we didn’t bother to get more rooms. We were old friends with WW, so we wanted to avoid any problems.


        • Ya but we should really change the rule. As if the tiny little force RPF had beating the (at the time) 2nd strongest army in CP from that rule was not enough, I don’t see why we havn’t changed it.

          I think it was tried but everyone either 1) Didn’t want to change it or 2) Accused Icey(supporter of the rule and as it failed him leading the take out of it) of being biased against it as he had supported it when it helped him and he had hated it when it had hurt him.

          Either way we should change it.


  7. Yes, it is WW’s server from the OA, and we would have been willing to share with UMA if they asked us, and we’re willing to share it with GT (if they won). We were simply just trying to fight both armies, but we had logged on towards the end of the battle. We recruited in the Plaza then attacked GT at the dock, GT was slightly bigger yadda yadda. Then little bits and pieces of UMA troops were appearing every where.

    Then we moved to the Beach, and DW was there. We attacked them then we logged off.


  8. hmmmm though call i say its a tie they can share 50% 50% uma did have a bigger size but ww have slightly better tactics. in the last pic of uma it shows that uma maxed 39-41 where shall we put this uma at the middle had better tactics but i haave to say its a tie. FINAL


  9. Also in that Snow Fort picture, we didn’t bother to claim it so we stayed in the room for about 30 seconds before leaving to Plaza. We knew that the noobs that UMA picked up were going to stay in the Forts, evening things out for us in the Plaza.


    • So you left part of your army behind to get butchered by UMA while you fled to the Plaza to try and take a room to win a server that UMA didn’t even own?

      And STILL their sacrafices were in vain for you didn’t take enough rooms to win the invasion.


      • Lol, why would I leave my army to be “butchered” by some red thing? I made sure that everyone got “safely” to the plaza. UMA had too many nubs in the snow forts, we couldn’t become organized therefore we went into the Plaza. How could we know that UMA didn’t own HF when it was on their Nation page?

        If we wanted to win the server, we would have continued to attack. WW and DW came on so we called it quits since both armies accused each other of allies. Simple enough, eh?


        • Fine, but you did make it sound like you left your n00bs behind to fight UMA, and of course lose while they had their false faith in you. Thus end up quitting for UMA.


  10. GT won, unless UMA gets any more pics.


  11. GT did well and won, but they technically can’t have the server because they didn’t claim 5 rooms. It looks like it was a fairly close battle though.


  12. We don’t own the server. You can say we “Won” the battle, but not the server. If we wanted to claim the server, we would have went ahead to invade 5 rooms. But we learned that WW owned the server, stopped attacking, logged off and came to an agreement to share the server. (Well that’s what Saiyaman said.)


  13. Here’s how I see it. Gt and uma had a great battle. Gt ended up winning the whole battle, but not the server since they did not claim 5 rooms. That’s all there is to it and since uma claims it’s not their server that means the ww keep the whole thing right?


  14. The number of rooms claimed does not refer to how well you did in the battle, only as a measurement of whether or not you won. You have to look at size and tactics for how well an army did in the battle, otherwise a 5 man army can just run around caping servers on a 40 man army(and yes it did happen in the RPF/IW wars).


  15. GT probably wont be in the next Top Ten because It’s going too based off of the tourny and they weren’t in it. So, GT will be in the Top Ten after that.

    The rules state that you have too claim atleast 5 rooms before you claim the whole server. GT only claimed 3 so they can’t claim victory but neither can UMA. If UMA only defended 2 rooms they can’t claim the server either.

    So the server basicly belongs too WW because it’s actually there server and not UMA’s. I say that WW owns Halfpipe for now and that there should be a 3 way battle between WW, TG and UMA.


  16. gt was WAY BETTER than in those pics, those are mostly uma pics, GT was waaay bigger


  17. Also, can someone post about today’s battle between GT and UMA on Summit? It was supposed to be on Bigfoot (which was full) and both sides claimed victory.




  19. I dont understand how GT won the plaza considering UMA are doing a better version of “THE BLOB” which is funny cos ACP always wins using “THE BLOB”. -.-


  20. CP Warfare these days, I swear. It’s not just UMA and GT, its everyone. Everyone has so much pride in their armies that it doesnt matter how the battle goes they just assume victory and can’t admit defeat. The leaders just have to much pride in their armies these days. Unless every army changes i see a CPAC staff at every battle in the future to judge the invasion/defenses because. 75% of the armies today are killing CP Warfare


  21. It looks like GT and UMA had even sizes, with GT slightly better in tactics but don’t you have to claim 5 rooms in order to win the server?


  22. Post about Gt and Uma’s battle today. Both sides claim victory.


  23. Neither UMA or GT won since WW own the server.


  24. I don’t really care who won because it really doesn’t matter. Both armies made a stupid mistake on having the battle or invasion or whatever they did in WW’s server.


  25. Because of this stupid poll, GT claims to own part of it. WW will be liberating it.


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