RFW=FW || RPF vs RFW PB Results


Roman Fire Warriors

Well a couple of days ago I was just scanning army sites for some good news and or battle results . I came across the Roman Fire Warriors and realized that they have changed back to the Fire Warriors! This may not be a major discovery but I have decided to make a bit of my post about it because RFW = Roman Fire Warriors have been the biggest trademark for them and now they are changing to just Fire Warriors . Bye Roman! xD

Copied from FW site:

Yes, we have changed, I am going to upload the new header right now so it seems more “official”, but the other graphics will be updated on my return. Wear anything red.

Basically they are still the same army with the same leaders ect. Just thought I would mention the name change before I got to the battle.



By the looks of the pictures it seems that RFW is the winner of this battle. They had :

  • More troops
  • Better Tactics

Not that RPF did not have those things aswell it was just RFW seemed to have them more organized . RPF did not seem to match RFW’s size at all during the battle (via picture) . Considering RPF lost , they are losing more and more battles at a time. They are out of the top ten , falling a bit , and have gotten hacked (long ago).I am not saying this could be the start of the RPF fall but it just may be . ||Based on Facts and/or Statistics||

Some of the tactics RFW used were: Word attacks such as : THE MUFFIN BOMB xD. Lines : Diaganol , Vertical , The letter L, Chatbar, Horizontal.

Some of the tactics RPF used were :  Lines : Chatbar , Vertical , Horizontal.

^^^^ As you can see from the list of facts above that RFW did use a more variation of tactics and RPF used more of the basic tactics .

What I recommend

RPF: To RPF I recommend that you guys use a more variation of tactics , more active counts , and promotion/demotion events to find out who is active and who isn’t. Maybe a little more recruiting aswell with some unscheduled PB’s etcetera. But overall you guys did well for your size. You lines were pretty straight and your tactics were clean. Just try to fix up a little more and I hope to see you back into the top ten :D.

RFW : To RFW there really isn’t much to recommend here. You guys did an outstanding job with this practice battle . I wish Pochoma and Pringle good luck with leading RFW to wonderful achievements in their army.You also used a good variation of tactics and had a good army size. Basically , just keep doing what you’re doing and I hope to see you guys move up through the top ten :D.

The verdict stands as RFW has won the practice battle verses RPF by size and tactics . Good luck to both armies in their Club Penguin warfare. (pictures of the PB can be viewed below.)

Goodbye for now ~ AMR

10 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Your like a weak late on the RPF/RFW PB. And we already did everything your telling us to do.

    ^Reinvasion of Tuxedo, 12/26/10


  3. Wow clones are making a comeback in CP….


    • They have, and the bad thing is they mostly are clones so to speak.
      But as an army they’re a bunch of penguins running around naked with their leader wearing a hat. At least, that’s what they were when I first joined CP.


  4. Zomg der are bots in one picture, not saying that they’re either armies but I guess bots can still be made… o_O


  5. Another thing is that RPF left early, and then the cp crew started attacking us. *ono*


  6. Gawd everyone knows RPF is done for


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