CPSMAC Workers Cabinet + Note to Nathan + New CPA Central Staff Member

Well, after careful consideration, it’s come down to this. Believe me, I didn’t make these decisions easily. So before you all rush to click “Read More”, please take this in to account: If you didn’t get a position, and you leave a flame comment, it will be deleted. Just because you think you did amazing means nothing- it’s mydecision, not yours.

Here we go… :mrgreen:

Club Penguin Small and Medium Army Central (CP SMAC) Official Staff

  • Head of Site: Grant42
  • Secondary Head: McHappy
  • Head Reporter: Ryanclarkee
  • Reporter: iWolf
  • Reporter: Flames181
  • Reporter: Spikeike9
  • Reporter: Elimz
  • Reporter: Rex5556
  • Reporter: Plutarch
  • Reporter: Nintendocp12
  • Reporter: Etac14

I hired one extra reporter, since there were so many excellent applications. So there are now 11 workers on SMAC. Also, the perk for Ryan being Head Reporter is that he gets to be an editor on the site.

The SMAC website has been created, but still has work, which me, Grant, McHappy and Ryan can do together. The site is here.


Note to Nathan


Nathan, after seeing your popularity in the polls and how well you handled not getting Secondary Head of CPAC, and how amazing your posts are, I have decided to make you CPA Central Head Reporter.

CPA Central used to have Head Reporters, but the position was eliminated whenGodPlaya was Secondary Head, but Twingy reminded me about the position. You should thank him, he’s the reason you get this spot (not that you don’t deserve it).

Congrats :D .


New CPA Central Server Maintainer


Another quick note, Flipper quit a while ago as Server Maintainer, and I somehow wasn’t aware of this. I’m in a few armies, so I can’t fairly do it, so I hired a new person…

Please welcome, LORD STARR.

Lord Starr, or Starr for short, is our new Server Maintainer. Please congratulate him if you see him :)

Sorry if this post was a bit short, but everyone really wanted the results.

Comment your opinion on the new staff(s)!

– Sklooperis: Head of Site

8 Responses

  1. well done on getting position and 1st


  2. I have officially posted 5 comments in 3 minutes. 🙂


  3. congrats digg you now get a cookeh


  4. 4


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