CP Armies vs Disney?// Falling Legends


If you’ve been a club penguin army veteran you would know Club Penguin was better for armies before Disney took over it. For example the Dojo where many Club Penguin Army battles were battled was spoiled by Card Jitsu. And army’s cant recruit with all the filters and rumors say armies get kicked of the server or banned by moderators if they recruit on club penguin. Also many penguins blame Disney for “membership”…

Thats One point of view, and I have seen many times before people post almost the exact thing and sometimes hold protests ! But hang on what has Disney done for Club Penguin. Nothing is perfect and although Disney has brought us some downs what has it done FOR us.

Disney may not help armies but has brought some great things , for example we now have the EPF and many many mini – games ! Sure card – may have cluttered the dojo a little but Card Jitsu is a great mini – game !

Disney are simply bringing more entertainment (that may get in the way of armies) and making club penguin safer for little kids. So we should move on and look for the benefits out of this.

Those are both sides of the argument , as for MY opinion I support the 2nd argument.


I would also like to discuss some of armies that are falling that used to be some of the biggest armies in club penguin history !

UMA :  Foundered by the famous Pink Mafia the person who introduced Snowball Fights to club penguin armies. UMA I think is the biggest fall in Club Penguin Army History right down from 2nd or 3rd right down to 10th or even Medium. How did they fall : They were always slowly falling but their biggest drop was after a rebellion (now known as the RPF) but I will always remember them and their tremendous size just as all Club Penguin Army members should.

RPF : Funnily enough I was just talking about them. They experienced many leadership problems and eventually split in two ! With two RPF’s sites and two armies their size split in half. Many people retired in the confusion and although it is trying to be revived it remains a medium.

There are also many other armies who fell but not at the extent the above did. For example the BB – Black Bandits , RFW – Roman Fire Warriors etc.

I also apolgise for my inactivenss due to many events (exams , trips etc.) but Im back !


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  1. Disney is not ruining CP armies, we just spam too much. You see army soldiers, right? Every time you try to talk to them, they never answer. If only the noobs would realize that doesn’t help…


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