CPA Central Movie and Club Penguin Conflict

Two sections for all viewers to read!

One: Wars and Club Penguin stopping them

Two: CPA Central Movie!

1.Ok so a change of topic from all that interviewing and all past stuff in Club Penguin in wars lets get down with the real thing because GT, also known as the Golden Troops, had a treaty with Nachos after a big war. There were equal amounts of people at the war. This was taken from the GT site-

Today we invaded Nachos’ server Fjord. We had equal amount of numbers and it was a pretty close war. Everything was going fine until suddenly people were getting kicked out and banned. We logged off and had a discussion with pie. We came up with a peace treaty which comes with the following-

– Nachos and Golden Troops are now at peace.

-Golden Troops get 50% of Aurora

-Golden Troops and Nachos are equal in size to this date

-Golden Troops and Nachos are now allies

Now what happened also was Club Penguin  kicked and banned some troops leading to some problems Club Penguin have had enough of this “War” and want more peaceful stuff according to Club Penguin they want Club Penguin to stay safe and let kids go there and have fun. I think  a new game in  Club Penguin called “Club Penguin warfare” In which throughout the top ten you choose your own side and fight with snowballs and good tactics then at the end of the battle the most tactics and snowballs used wins the game!


2.Based on Wontons popular story of the CPA saga comes a movie. This movie is gonna be big, and its gonna be created by some of the biggest  Club Penguin YouTubers of all time. I have asked them too work with me on this brand new movie. Now, some things will change  from the story and some things will stay the same. It will not be like an hour and a half movie but it will be long and good(Skloop’s Edit: That’s what she said :lol: ). I can’t tell you who’s editing it, that will be released next month(July). We hope you are getting ready for this movie because its gonna be big!

Extra News and Fact: Almost armies are gonna try to take over ACP’s server, Mammoth. Will they succeed, yes or no?

Here is the info taken from their website: “Along fighting with us will be the major powers of the Nachos, the Ice Warriors, the Golden Troops, the Dorito Army of Club Penguin, the Night Warriors, and many more. We will invade the “sacred” server of Mammoth to prove that the Confederation of Mammoth is a powerful force. We will prove that ACP is not the most powerful army in Club Penguin. Hope you will be there because I sure am gonna come ;) .”

Q: Why do Penguins carry fish in their beaks?

A: Because they haven´t got any pockets.

Have a good day!

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  1. So the movies back on? Woohoo.


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