Early Army History || The Romans || An Important Revision

As voted in the poll at the end of my last post, most of you want to learn about the early history of the Romans.  So learn you shall.  Unfortunately, due to the disorganized nature of the early Romans, there are few official records, merely personal retellings of the events as they occurred.  I will be doing my best to piece together these stories to form, as best I can, a history of one of Club Penguin’s earliest army powers.

Early Army History || The Romans

The history of the Romans dates back about as far as the roman helmet has been on Club Penguin.  They began as a clan, simply a group of rogue penguins wreaking havoc on the server of Mammoth.  Stories tell of an early war between the Romans and two other strong clans, the Vikings and the Agents.  The Romans were the strongest of the three and their influence was widespread, however they lacked basic organization and did not have any single leader.  It wasn’t until a penguin named Explorer7777 founded the first organized group of Romans on the Miniclip Forums in the fall of 2006 that the clan could be recognized as an army.  Unfortunately (possibly due to a moderator named RFS, who shut down ACP’s original thread), all of the old Club Penguin threads on the Miniclip Forums were deleted, so no records of these early threads exist.  After this occurred, armies were forced to move to the new Club Penguin Miniclip Forums, which eventually banned army activity anyway.

Building on their success on Club Penguin with their new-found leadership and center on the Forums, the Romans grew fast, soon overtaking another army founded around the same in size, the Army of Club Penguin.  The Romans, feeling threatened by ACP’s growing size, declared war.

“Within a few days, he [Explorer] had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender.”

~Taken from The ACP Saga

On October 13, 2006, the Romans met the ACP for battle, marking the beginning of WWII.  After three hours of fighting, ACP defeated the Romans in The Battle of the Igloo, a video of which can be seen below.  Famous ACP legends like Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, and Gorond can be seen in the clip.

WWII continued into December of 2006.  During this war, more modern tactics were developed, as Oagalthorp, Leader of ACP, broke the trend of stationary warfare in order to more effectively attack the often larger Roman army.  Hit and run tactics were employed, as ACP moved from room to room to recruit, regroup, and strike again, as well as using the first instances of organized charges.  The Romans were defeated, their organization began to fall apart.  Many clans still existed with some strength on Club Penguin however.  They can be seen here [Pic 1] [Pic 2] in a battle with CPR, CPAF, and UMA dating back to March 11, 2007.  In Pic 2, you can see Angel G8i, a future leader of UMA, as well as ALI, the beta, in Roman uniform.  Despite their presence on Club Penguin, they lacked a solid central leadership.  The Romans once again existed only in rogue clans.  That is, until one soldier decided to move them to a website.

On June 11, 2007, after over 6 months of disorganization, a soldier named Djgtjvgyhxgy (shown HERE with his army in January 2008) created the first Romans website.  The first post can be seen HERE.  Despite their past history as enemies, the Romans chose to ally with ACP during WWIII to fight UMA.  After the war, they returned to former loyalties, allying with UMA and RPF, with ACP as an enemy.  During most of their history after this point, the Romans, under consistent leadership from Dj, as well as others like Nickpooch and Smiley 40, were usually in the medium army range, occasionally growing to larger sizes, though never achieving true major army status.  At one of their strongest points, the Romans went to war with SSACP, the spy agency belonging to ACP, over territory in the U.K.  ACP came to SSACP’s aid, defeating the Romans during their invasion of Mittens on January 27, 2008 [Pictures HERE].  Oagalthorp posted about the battleHERE, and Mazachster, the SSACP Leader, posted his own summary HERE.  Some famous soldiers from both sides can be seen in the picture, including ACP legends Oagalthorp, Fort57, Mazachster, Cooltiger413, and Lucario98765.  Nachos legend Shadow2446 and future UMA Leader Batista1822 can also be seen in ACP uniform, as well as Djgtjvgyhxgy, Smiley 40, Penguin23800094, and Ice Warriors Leader Iceyfeet1234 in Romans uniform.  The Romans fell somewhat after this defeat, and through merges with the Spartans and a brief stint as TWA, or The Warriors Army, the Romans have hung around as a medium-sized army for over 3 years.  After being hacked and suffering a loss of a significant number of posts from their original site, the Romans moved to their new site, Roman Central.  Although they don’t appear to be in a position to return to power in the immediate future, should Club Penguin bring back the roman helmet, we could see a resurgence from one of Club Penguin’s oldest armies.



Oagalthorp (ACP Creator and Army Legend)

What do you remember about the founding of the Romans on the Forums?

I remember that the Romans thread was written by Explorer7777 on the Miniclip Forums just a few days after I wrote the ACP thread.  Instantly Explorer declared war on the ACP, and it was understood that one battle would decide the victor. And even more drastic, the loser would basically have to disband. Luckily we won, which resulted in the Romans thread dying out and about half of their soldiers joining the ACP.

Which army do you think was organized first, ACP or the Romans?

The “Romans” group has been around since the Roman helmet entered the catalog.   So you could technically say that the Romans have been around since before the ACP.  As I said, however, the CPA–a Roman army–and Explorer’s Roman Army–were both formed just a few days after the ACP was formed.  So the Romans didn’t have any true organization until after the ACP become organized.

What strategies were most important in defeating the then larger Roman army?

Well, at the start of the war, most of the strategies consisted of standing at opposide sides of the Dojo and simply firing and recruiting.  However, once the theater of war started to transition into the Snow Forts, I found the need to work my way around the Romans’ superior numbers. So thats when the ACP created the “charge” tactic, which threw the Romans into consfusion and led to a lot of successes.  Also, as Roman numbers became more vast, the ACP formed the “raid” tactic; we’d face off against the Romans, move to another room, gain troops, then move to the next room.  Soon enough, we’d double in size then directly face off against the Romans once again. This was our most successful tactic.

Djgtjvgyhxgy (Romans Leader and Army Legend)

When did you first join the Romans and how would you describe the army at that time?

Well, I joined when they first started, and their size was very similar to ACP in scheduled events.

What made you decide to try to unite the Romans on a website?

Exactly June 11th, 2007, way after the original Romans died, because Romans were very important in my life.  Without Romans, I would be nothing.

Do you think the Romans have the potential to rise to power again?

If people start joining again and if the Roman helmet comes back, yes.


UPDATE: Some of the following information has since been proven inaccurate. For a complete analysis of the earliest armies, please click HERE.

After doing research into the history of the Romans, I came across a post about CPA, or Club Penguin Army, that predated what I had thought to be their original post.  As it turns out, CPA was created August 24, 2006 (or possibly earlier) by Icy Fresh 2 [Revision: The information contained in the post was added in October and replaced what was originally about the introduction of the purple puffle to Club Penguin (See URL). Additionally, the URLs of the CPA images display “2006/10”, meaning they were uploaded in October. As it stands, the CPA was created on October 2, 2006 as seen on the original post HERE]. The post, which can be seen HERE, predates the creation of ACP by over a month, and is likely older than the organized Romans army created by Explorer7777.  Can CPA be credited as Club Penguin’s first organized army?  This answer is still in question due to the fact that CPA’s first recruits did not join until October 7, 2006 and later, after the creation of ACP (and possibly the Romans as well).  Although a post about CPA was made on a site, the site did not belong to CPA, and they did not yet have a set of ranks or a site of their own yet.  CPA can be credited as one of the earliest armies, however it is not the first organized army.  If Oagal’s report about the original Romans is correct (and he is basically the only one left who would know), the Romans were organized by Explorer7777 a few days after the ACP was organized on the Forums, and then CPA shortly thereafter.  As of right now, it appears the earliest organized army in Club Penguin was ACP.  Let me know what you think!

Feel free to explain your point of view for the poll questions and on whatever else you want.  You can also see the results from the poll “Which army do you think came first?” HERE.


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