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GP: I’d like to return as a… something for a bit. Can I?

EDIT: Check out this cool Club Penguin Forum made by Chris!

Edit: I’m effing tired of this. I KNOW I USED THE N.E.D. EVENT PIC FOR THE NACHOS, OK? I GET IT. How many people do I need to tell? I LOVE the Nachos, they’re funny, I hate that GT’s at war with them, I’m not biased at all. Face it though, Nachos biggest battle this week was when they maxed 25 at their PB with GT. DCP got 30 and had multiple events this week, and GT got 40 a few times. ACP is just ridiculously large. So yeah, you’re 4th, deal with it.

Also, about IW being 6th, READ THE DESCRIPTION.  “This Top 10 is difficult. IW isn’t much smaller at all than the 3rd place army, but they disappointed me this week.“. That was taken directly from what I said about IW IN THIS POST. I know they’re right up there with the others, it’s basically a 3 way tie for 4th. IW just wasn’t very active this week, that’s all.

Hey Guys! Skloop here, again. I’m gonna attempt to make a Top 10, this is my first attempt, so please don’t yell if it’s bad xD. I AM trying my best.

Top 10 Armies

1. ACP: There’s no doubt about it, ACP dominated the Top 10 this week. They had a huge rise in average troops, now getting 70+ at all of their events this week. They invaded Frozen from IW and NW, and at some points during the battle they topped out with over 80 troops. They also had a PB with GT, where they topped out near 75-80. They are currently going though active counts. They are doing brilliantly well, and currently have no competition whatsoever for their spot.

2. GT: Call me what you may, but this is no bias report. GT had a big rise this week. In the practice battle with ACP, they had a less impressive turnout, maxing 25. However, they invaded Fjord from the Nachos, maxing out at 40, but the invasion wasn’t completed because of CP Moderators. They also had about 35 at an unscheduled recruiting session. Ganger, one of the leaders, is trying to create a new medal system, and Saiyaman is attempting to clean up the chat a bit because they think they’re pushing away recruits with their bad language.

3. DCP: This may be a surprise to some, and you may complain, but I don’t feel bad at all about this. DCP is climbing towards world power status. Currently, they have 55 on their active post, which is what GT had on their last one. They maxed out at 30 in their battles against IT, and have recently declared war on RPF, with UMA by their side. They also plan to invade Summit from the Elites on Saturday. They’re also having government elections.

4. Nachos: Nachos have fallen quite a bit since their battle against ACP on the 5th, where they maxed at 50. They’re still considerably large, however. They maxed 25 during their battle with GT, and 15 against CPN. They have also elected a new 3ic, Icebird.

5. TG: The TG have stayed about the same size. They had a PB with NW, during which they almost reached 30 on chat, and maxing out at about 25. They also recently achieved 100,000 hits.

6. IW: This Top 10 is difficult. IW isn’t much smaller at all than the 3rd place army, but they disappointed me this week. The highest they got at any battles this week was about 20-25, which isn’t terrbile, not at all actually. They could just bump it up about 7=10 troops and be #3 army. They are also launching a new “Experience Points” system which, if I read right, will show who has the most authority judging by what battles they attended that week.

7. RFW: BIG NEWS. LOL merged in to RFW :o I wanted to rank them higher, but they haven’t had an official event yet for me to judge their new size by, except for an unscheduled PB with ACP, which was a TIE. Very impressive. They are invading Yeti from DCP, holding Government elections, and are creating divisions. They also held an active count, which reached 58 comments, 21 of which came from the merge. I expect a lot from this army, schedule an event as quick as possible, I expect Top 4 material.

8. NW: NW had a little below average week. Although they maxed about 20 at the TG PB, and got 33 on their active count, they had an extremely mediocre preformance at the defense of Frozen. only maxing at about 8. I hope to see them averaging at least 15 over the next week, they have the potential. They would’ve been 6th or 7th if they had done better at the defense of Frozen.

9. Elites: Elites had an ok week. They maxed about 15 at their invasion of Ice Cold. They also reached 24 on their active within the first 2 days after it was posted. They have also recently declared war on IT. We will have to see how this war goes before we can judge.

10. IT: I am very disappointed by this army. I am allowing them to keep their Top 10 position because they haven’t prove- Reclaiming Ice Cold Saturday, 45 on last active count, at war with Elites, No posts in 5 DAYS

Medium Top 5 (11-15)

11.WW: Still falling a bit. Maxed near 10 at PB with RFW, and recently held a recruiting contest. I expect more from you guys.

12. SFCP(Snow Fighters): A rather new army that doesn’t get much recognition. They only need about 5 more the be bigger than Elites. Recently won a small army tourny.

13. PACP(Pretzel Army): I see a lot of potential here. PACP can easily get 8 at events, and with just a little more recruiting could be in the Top 10. They alread have 8 on active count that was posted TODAY(The 16th).

14. Elite Romans: Formed from a merge of the Golden Spartans and the CP Power Raiders. They maxed 8 at a recent UNSCHEDULED event, and are still on the rise. Good Luck to then.

15. UMA: Guys, I need PICS. I have faith in UMA, but they have no pics to prove their size. They have 21 on their recent active count, and elected Wgfv as a new leader.


What do you guys think, did I do a good job in the Top 10?

Also, I want your opinion on if we should continue doing the Medium Top 5 or not.


Now, time for Army Of The Week ;)

Army Of The Week

CP Warriors

The Club Penguin Warriors caught my eye recently, not exactly for size, but for determination. They were created 1 month ago, and within 3 weeks they already had about 20 active troops. They just need to get a few more active troops to be fighting with UMA and IT for the tail end of the Top 10. Their site can be foundhere.


Ok, now for a bigish event. There have been some requests for certain people to be on the Legends page, so I will be listing each person, describing what they have done for Warfare, and then YOU vote if they should be on the Legends page. If at least 85% of people vote yes, they will be added.

•*¨*•.¸¸LEGEND INDUCTEES¸¸.•*¨*•

Icey created the first sucessful “Warriors” army in Club Penguin Warfare, the Ice Warriors, along with the Fire Warriors, which helped pave the way for other armies of the same nature. Thier name also probably lead to the creation of future armies of a similar nature, like the Icy Troops, Snow Troops, etc. Icey has also singehandedly lead IW for 3 years on his own, keeping them in the Top 10 for years. The creation of this big army also brought more comptetion to warfare.

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