New Position: Army Historian || An Introduction || Early Army History

I guess first I’ll start with an introduction.  My name is Boomer 20, I’ve been in armies since January 2, 2008 when I joined ACP.  I went on to lead most notably ACP, SSACP, RPF, and WW.  I led ACP two separate times, and under my leadership, ACP was army of the year in both 2008 and 2009 when we won the Christmas Tournament and CPA Central-run Decade End Tournament.  At the Decade End Tournament, we set records for largest battle turnout (150 soldiers) and largest chat (103 people, 3 rooms).  I also co-led SSACP for a while with Shaboomboom, also of ACP, and a short stint as Leader of RPF along with Oberst543.  Also, along with Lucario 564, I helped lead the Watex Warriors to become (officially) the 4th largest army, and (unofficially) the 2nd largest after we defeated the Ice Warriors.

As for why I am here, I have always had a fascination for army history, and in my early days with ACP I spent a lot of time looking through the ACP Archives, as well as researching the history behind some of Club Penguin’s most famous wars.  In addition to keeping a record of every soldier ranked in ACP from its creation up until the summer of 2008 (I stopped keeping up with it when I became Leader), I also became interested in the early history of many other armies.  Thanks to Ias, I now have the title of Army Historian at CPA Central, as well as the privilege to inform others of some pieces of little known army history from the early days.

You will notice my posts are full of links to numerous sites, so rather than just telling you about what I have found, I give you the ability to see firsthand what I have discovered.  Here is my first piece for CPA Central.  Hope you enjoy!


After re-reading the ACP Saga, I decided to look into the history of ACP’s first ally, CPM, or the Club Penguin Marines. CPM was led by Sf1998, who gained a fair amount of recognition for his army (there is a picture of him with some of his army HERE). I had originally thought that they were the first army with a WordPress site, being from November 20, 2006. As it turns out, another army was first.

CPA or the Club Penguin Army was created via the site of Icy Fresh 2, who already had his own WordPress blog. The army was created and based on WordPress starting October 2, 2006, just 3 days after the creation of ACP on the Forums. The original CPA post can be viewed HERE. You can see the first comment on the post is by Bunnyboy123, who worked on Icy’s site. If you are familiar with the ACP Legends page, you may know that Bunnyboy123 was one of ACP’s earliest soldiers and a former Colonel (which was just 2 ranks below Leader at the time), and is inducted in the Hall of Fame. The original CPA site was hacked by someone named 1 Fiddy and deleted completely by early January 2007. CPA then adopted another WordPress site, created by Indy 11 on January 10, 2007, which can be viewed HERE.

Another early army I came across was called CPR, or the Club Penguin Rebels, a group formed by soldiers angered with Sf1998′s leadership of CPM. The group was created on December 23, 2006 by Uio9trhijgvn, a CPM soldier. Their first post can be viewed HERE. CPR went on to form alliances with CPM on December 26, 2006 and the Nachos on January 8, 2007. CPR can be seen pictured HERE with Nachos soldiers, including Happy Ree and Tom Wolf.

Another army I came across was called CPF, the Club Penguin Forces, created on December 28, 2006. The army was led by Neltron1234, with a familiar name in Happy Ree at Co-General. One picture I found from their site shows a large army called CPS (perhaps the Club Penguin Seals) taking over a server. The picture is dated February 26, 2007 and can be seen HERE. CPF can also be seen fighting them HERE.

I will be doing more research into the early history of many armies, which I will post when I feel I have enough information.


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  1. CPS might have stood for “Club Penguin Spartans” (halo style not Greek). I led them for a while, and they look similar to the ones you have. Also, Joem25 sounds like Joee125, a penguin I own. Dunno, just a thought. I was around and affiliated with CPS back in 2007, so one may never know. Good post, such a shame hardly no one has seen it.


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