Club Penguin Crew Invades Southern Lights

Woton’s Section:

The Club Penguin Crew is definitely back, however they’ve had some major changes. Before, the Crew was thought of as power hungry and very inexpirirenced to Club Penguin Armies. Now, Jeepkid7 has hired very experienced people as all of his owner ranks, to help make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes again and to lead the Crew to become a better army than they were before. Amit and I were actually hired as 2 of his owner ranks, along with Oberst544, Apocolypse66 and Panthers Bas, who are also very experienced and have been around Club Penguin Armies for a long time.

The Club Penguin Crew has invaded Southern Lights earlier today, at 1 PM PST. Southern Lights was previously owned by the Sun Troopers, who surrendered to the Crew after about half an hour. The battle took place in the Cove, where the Crew demonstrates their large numbers and good tactics. Click on any of the pictures to see them at full scale.

As you can see, the Club Penguin Crew had a very large amount of people attending this invasion, and appears to have gotten back on their feet quickly after their reconstruction.

– Amitc87
Club Penguin Army Central Secondary Head of Site

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