Club Penguin Army Awards: Nominations!

The Club Penguin Army Awards are starting! These Awards will elect the best of 2009 in over 20 different categories through a system of nominations and elections. Here’s how it works:

How It Works:

  • Leave a comment on this post filling out however many of the below categories with the people/armies/battles you think should win (only one answer per category).
  • This post will be left up for about five days. At the end of them, I will count how many people nominated a person/army/battle for each category.
  • For a person/army/battle to pass onto the final round of polls, they must have at least 5 nominations from separate people (nominations must be elegible – for example, you can’t nominate someone for leader of the year who wasn’t ever a leader).
  • The final polls will last about a week. There will be a post with about 20 polls on it for each category, which you will be able to vote on.
  • On January 1st the Club Penguin Army Awards will be announced!

Nomination Categories:

Below are the categories which you can nominate people in. You can either copy and paste this form into a comment and fill it out or you can just write down the numbers into a comment and fill them out proportionately:

  1. Army of the Year:
  2. New Army of the Year:
  3. Leader of the Year:
  4. Person of the Year:
  5. War of the Year:
  6. Event of the Year:
  7. Small Army of the Year:
  8. Most Grown Army of the Year:
  9. Fail of the Year:
  10. Worst Leader of the Year:
  11. Revolution / Rebellion of the Year:
  12. Quote of the Year:
  13. NOOb of the Year:
  14. Best Army Site of the Year:
  15. Army with Best Graphics of the Year:
  16. Funniest Army of the Year:
  17. Funniest Leader of the Year:
  18. Biggest Retirement of the Year:
  19. Most Active Army of the Year:
  20. Most Memorable Event of the Year:

You can answer as many or as little of these categories as you want (although just answering all of them is better). Just make sure you number them proportionally!

Obviously, these events will be slightly more centered towards the last part of the year, so just keep in mind to think about the entire year of 2009, but really – what are you going to do about it? The polls will start on December 24th, so make sure to nominate your favorites before then!

V.I.P. Site Mini Contest Winners:

I know I didn’t really give very much time to try out the contest, but that’s why it’s called a Mini Contest! Click more to read the winners:

One Response

  1. 1.Army of the Year: RPF
    2.New Army of the Year: OACP
    3.Leader of the Year: Sirlizard22
    4.Person of the Year: Foxlight/huhjb
    5.War of the Year: RPF defending vs TG
    6.Event of the Year: RPF vs TG
    7.Small Army of the Year: OACP
    8.Most Grown Army of the Year: Shadow Warriors
    9.Fail of the Year: Ur mom LOL
    10.Worst Leader of the Year: Disco
    11.Revolution / Rebellion of the Year: CPC
    12.Quote of the Year:
    13.NOOb of the Year: Disco
    14.Best Army Site of the Year: OACP
    15.Army with Best Graphics of the Year: RPF
    16.Funniest Army of the Year: RPF
    17.Funniest Leader of the Year: RPF’s
    18.Biggest Retirement of the Year: MPF
    19.Most Active Army of the Year: RPF
    20.Most Memorable Event of the Year: dunno

    Sirlizard22 Outcast Army Leader or OACP for short!


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