The ACP and IW vs the Nachos – The Full Story!

As I’m sure many of you know, the ACP and IW have declared war on the Nachos until they get new leaders, since they are not satisfied with the Nacho’s current ones. The Nachos have had a long history of leadership and, ever since Aka became a leader, they HAVE been falling. When Jay became leader it just seemed to make the matters worse.

  • Aka has been a leader of the Nachos for a long time, but there are quite a few people who say he just isn’t fit to be a leader. Many people have called him “arrogant” and that he “doesn’t know what’s right for the Nachos.” He was a leader before Person1233 and Linkin55, however he got in a lot of arguments with the two during their three way leadership.
  • Jayson was recently made a leader along with Aka, but many people think that this was also a bad decision. There are a lot of people, including people in the Nachos, that do not think Jay is a good leader at all. There are actually a couple of rebellions that have been started against Jay, and a couple against all of the Nachos (mostly their leaders).

Over the last couple of days, the ACP and IW have been invading the Nachos servers, even though the Nachos haven’t been showing up to them on their own decision, and successfully taking them.
The ACP invade Fjord from the Nachos.

The ACP and IW invaded Fjord, White House, Shiver and

Aka and Jayson seem to be stubborn on this matter and it does not look like they’ll be giving up their leadership because the ACP and IW want them to anytime soon. However, is it just the ACP and IW? There have also apparently been some Nacho troops that agree with the ACP and IW. They don’t want their leaders either.

Quoting Dryvit:

“It was not Boomer who decided on this action, but your very own troops at a secret meeting begging for help to oust you. You cannot ban them all. Let the Nachos live AKA, retire or step aside.”

The previous Nacho leader, Person1233, also is completely supporting the ACP and IW on this. He too does not want the current Nacho leaders to continue to lead.

Quoting Person1233:

“Cool! No, seriously. I approve of this so much. Save my old Nachos =D”

We’ll have to see how this war goes! In the mean time, what do YOU think about the Nacho’s leadership?

Comment with YOUR opinion on the Nacho’s leadership and this issue!

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