Tacos vs HSA

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Hello, 381nascar here.

Today 2 rising armies faced off in what I would call a ‘beastly’ battle. The war was up-and-down, each army having a time when they were winning. Enough talk, let’s get to the good stuff…

The battle began with armies regrouping/making a line on each side of the forts;


After the war officialy started, HSA kicked things off with a J-bomb;


HSA, deciding to be rather relentless, keeps up with the charge;


Tacos try to break a weak HSA line;


A few minutes later, the HSA try to make the Tacos scatter by charging their group;


Tacos try to rebound by charging, after a while it was hard to tell who made the original move!


Random stuff. Tacos beginning to form a group by the chat bar;


Tacos are J-bombing while the HSA try to ‘fart’ they’re way out of it;


HSA continues with a rather strong ‘toot’, while the Tacos are attempting a weak charge;


In this image, I was truly puzzled! Who’s line is it?


These last few pics are from the chat’s of both armies; (Both had a full chat =D )


Taco Chat




HSA Chat 2

What a great fight!

-My Report-

This was some great battle, I must say. It looked like HSA had a slight number advantage into the battle, but the Tacos had some great moves/tactics. In the end, I had no choice. I couldn’t decide! So, why not let the viewers decide? Who do YOU think won?

Make sure to comment with your thoughts and why, and think about this question:

If HSA ‘won’, what place should they be in the Top Ten?

If Tacos ‘won’, what place should they be in the Top Ten?

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  1. rofl im in that pic: Brandonjenki ;D


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