Club Penguin Crew: Start to Finish

This post will bring you through the story of the Club Penguin Crew, an army that started and ended in a matter of months, yet was able to make a large impact while it was here. This post includes information on how the Club Penguin Crew started, what conflicts it caused, what conflicts it faced, how it ended, and an exclusive interview with Jeepkid7, founder and final leader of the Club Penguin Crew.

Jump to these Sections:

  1. Beginning
  2. Conflict First Starts
  3. The Club Penguin Crew Restarts
  4. War Begins On A Larger Scale
  5. The End
  6. Interview With Jeepkid7
  7. Closing Statements


The Club Penguin Crew was founded in early September 2009, by Jeepkid7. So who was Jeepkid? Jeepkid ran a Club Penguin cheats/news website, and was able to get penguins to join his army from that website. From there, he was able to gain more recruits, and the Club Penguin Crew was already a match for the top three armies. But this prosperity would soon end, because the Club Penguin Crew would face some trouble in the near future.

Conflict First Starts

Near the end of October, an alliance called “Ze Alliance” popped up. This consisted of Ice Warriors, IMAF, Watex Warriors, Fire Warriors, and a few other armies. These armies were angry at the Club Penguin Crew, and especially Jeepkid7, who they thought of as arrogant, and claimed that he had no respect for other armies. Jeepkid, however, said that these armies were only afraid of CPC’s potential to become much larger than them, so they grouped together to defeat them.

The Club Penguin Crew Restarts

On November 1st, Jeepkid7 surrendered to Ze Alliance. He said in a post, “…any 1 army that goes up against 5 of the top 10 armies is going to end up being either outnumbered and defeated or forced to surrender.” Later that same day, Jeepkid retired (from both the army and his cheats blog) and gave his position as leader to Droopako. The other army leaders liked this because they did not think Droopako was as bad or rude as Jeepkid, and all of Jeepkid’s fans left… leaving behind only those who actually cared about the army.

A little more than a week later, Jeepkid7 came back as CPC’s leader again, while removing Droopako’s retirement post, saying it was “…because it was a useless “quitting the army” post. Real leaders don’t quit an army, they retire. And when they retire, they make a retirement post longer then 1 paragraph full of nonsense.”

War Begins On A Larger Scale

The Club Penguin Crew had a battle with the Hot Sauce Army, but found that Boomer sent ACP members in HSA uniform to aid them. The Club Penguin Crew still declared that they won, and it is after this battle that ACP officially declared war on the Club Penguin Crew. These were the reasons given:

  • The Crew does not follow the rules of Club Penguin Warfare
  • They are not a true army
  • They show no respect toward any other armies who have worked hard for their position in armies
  • They planned to invade all small armies and work their way up until they own all servers in Club Penguin

Though “Ze Alliance” was at war with CPC before, now it was a much larger alliance… practically ALL the major armies, plus about 50 small armies.

The End

Jeepkid7 surrendered to Ze Alliance on November 12, but the ACP still planned to go on with the massive invasion, because they believed the Jeepkid wouldn’t “learn his lesson” if they left before a single battle. However, the next day, November 13, Jeepkid officially quit the Club Penguin Crew, and closed it down for good. At the end of hist post, he signed off with this:

He was a penguin on a mission with a purpose, that purpose will live on forever… Jeepkid7

ACP will still be going on with the invasion, just to see the size of all those armies combined, and also to “make the servers neutral”. Also, the Club Penguin Crew websitenow redirects to Penguin Expert, a cheats site run by his friend Monkeydude.

Interview with Jeepkid7

The following is an interview I had with Jeepkid7. Anything he said is in red, and what I said is in bold.

What were your thoughts when practically every major army started to declare war on Club Penguin Crew?

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. I believed that, also I believed all of the armies saw the potential of the CPC and decided to try and end us soon.

Was it true that you attempted to take down all the major armies, but shifted to only armies 6-10 on the list after ACP threatened to get involved?

No, as I said before, I planned to take down armies for encouragement and to have some fun and become active with the army. But, other major armies took it as if we were doing something wrong.

Do you think that the other armies were wrong to continue the war after you surrendered?

Not necessarily. It’s their choice to do what they want with their armies. But, because the Crew has ended, the servers no longer belong to us. In respect, I would think they should leave the war and move on.

Why did you close the Club Penguin Crew?

As for the Club Penguin Crew Army, it will end here without a new leader. I am sorry for this, but there are reasonings. First off, since my blogs are self hosted, I would have to keep paying for the blog. Also, if someone posts a bad image… The blog can become suspended and I can get into tons of trouble. To solve all of these problems, the Crew ends here.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you.


Closing Statements

The Club Penguin Crew has definitely made a large impact on Club Penguin armies while it was still alive. It was a very large army, and if it had not been stopped by every other army, had potential to becoming a great army. I would like to wish Jeepkid7 the best of luck in his future.

Comment on your opinions on Club Penguin Crew, and anything else mentioned in this post.

– Amitc87,
Secondary Head of Site of Club Penguin Army Central

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