Happy Veterans Day / Official Chat Release / Fall Scavenger Hunt Winners!

I’m sure as many of you know, today is Veterans Day! For those of you that don’t know what it is, Veterans Day an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Veterans that may have died at war or veterans that ares still alive today. Today is a day to remember people that have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today. Everything that you see around Club Penguin Armies today was created by someone. Those are the people that we have to remember.


When people think of some of the biggest people that have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today, usually some of these names come up: Ogalthorp, Iceyfeet1234, Person1233, Batista1822, Shadow2446, Commando717 and Pink Mafias.

I’d like YOU to comment with your top couple of legends or people that you think have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today!

Official Chat Release:

The CPA Central chat has officially been released! Make sure to go there to chat with the staff of CPA Central, leaders from all other armies and soldiers just like you!



The Chat Ranks are as following:

cpacowner Main Owner: Woton, Amit87, Pringle64 and Iceyfeet1234.

cpacowner Owner: Kong236, Alighf, Nakib, Donut67890, TyloV5 and 381nascar.

cpacmod Moderator: Leaders of armies only from the Top 10 Armies list.

cpacmember Member: Everyone!

You can view the chat rules and chat page by clicking HERE!

Fall Scavenger Hunt Winners:

Okay everyone, this was a really confusing Scavenger Hunt and I’m sorry to people that got here later than others, but here’s the thing.

So basically a lot of people got mixed up and posted maybe one number wrong and then responded to it later than the next person posted a correct comment. Argh, confusing.

First Place Winner: Red Turtle35! Congratulations!

Second Place Winner: 2009cp! Congratulations!

Third Place Winner: Rugrat93! Congratulations!

  • Red Turtle35, you have been added to the site as an author and will also get added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.
  • 2009cp, you can leave a comment with the name and link to the army of your choices site and it will be next week’s army of the week! You will also be added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.
  • Rugrat35, you will get added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.

Good job to everyone that tried! There will be many more contests in the future! Also for those of you that didn’t win, there will be an Author Application within the next week, which means that you will be able to apply to become an author on CPA Central!

Also, the Halloween Decorations are being taken down and the site is being updated with new graphics! Make sure to check them out!

Comment with YOUR top legends and people that you think have made a difference in Club Penguin Armies!

What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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