CPA Central Chat

Come chat with us at:

Amitc87′s Edit: The password is the usual, Woton. :lol: You can reset it and make me only owner if you wish.

Woton’s Edit: I’m back from my short little trip! I definately think that having a chat for CPA Central would be a great idea. The reason I basically cancelled the old one is because I was incredibly busy at the time and just couldn’t find the time to set it up. I’m going to be posting the new Top 10 Armies list later today along with the Fall Scavenger Hunt winners. Tommorrow, I’ll be releaseing the V.I.P. Page along with the new chat (I’ll get it set up with Amit, Icey and Pringle). The new graphics will also be released tommorow, since the Halloween Event on CPA Central will be over. I’ll be getting some new graphics for the chat and Twitter too!

Amitc87′s Edit: I made a short while ago and was waiting for Woton’s approval, but I never saw him on chat. I think that’s the best name for the chat, since it’s really short and easy to remember. Woton can do a chat reset if he minds me being main owner. I won’t mind 😀

Well, I was thinking of making a chat for CPA central sometime this week, but I need wotonz aproval first. The chat would be a hang out chat to talk about.. well.. cp army stuff XD. It would be the main club penguin armies chat so that soldiers from all different armies can hang out and talk.

Here would be the “ranks” on the chat:

Main Owner: Wotonz *and maybe someone else*

Owners: Iceyfeet (me), Pringle, Amit *maybe other people*

Mods: Kong, Alighf, Nakib, Donut, Tylov, Nascar *maybe other people*

Members: Everyone

The chat will NOT be members only.

Hopfully Wotonz can aprove it sometime today so we can get it set up for tonight!

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

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