Breaking News: Black Panthers Back… In Black

Welcome to a special CPA Central News Report!  TyloV5 here, and before I get on with the report, I’d like to apologize for my inactivity here.  I’m going to start being much more active, and bring you news!

So, onto the news!

All bad puns aside, it looks like the Black Panthers are making a big recovery.  A post made earlier on this site said that the Black Panthers were slowly dying, but their turn-out at today’s would-be practice battle against the UMA says otherwise.

The Black Panthers had formidable numbers, enough to for sure crack the top ten army rankings.  Here’s the link to the post:

Another post was made showing the Black Panthers will formidable numbers as well.  It is below the post that I just linked you to.

Around an hour after the battle, I went over to the Black Panthers chat, and found it quite full.  For an army to be major, they need an active chat.  And BP had that.

So, is this a momentary growth, or is BP the real deal once again?  Tell us your thoughts in a comment!

This is TyloV5, signing out!

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