CPA Weekly

Welcome to CPA Central! Along with posting daily Club Penguin Army news everyday, I will post CPA Central every Saturday! CPA Weekly will include the following:

  • This week’s Top 10 Armies list and a review of their week.
  • A section making fun of the Club Penguin Times.
  • This week’s Army of the Week.

This is an example of a CPA Weekly. First up, we have the Top 10 Armies. I know a lot of you idolize Boomer’s Top 10 list and, while it is mostly correct, I believe that I have researched a lot more on this one.

  1. Nachos: Had a very busy week. First up, they owned the Monster Force on Sherbet. They had almost twice the amount of people online as Monster Force at most of the battle. They also reached 1,000,000 hits. I have always thought of the Nachos as the #1 army in Club Penguin, but the ACP finally released a list with the Nachos as #1.
  2. ACP: Had a Division PB, in which their “Echo” Division owned at. Defended their server, Breeze against the noob army. One of their divisions had a PB with ST and (after looking at all of the evidence and hearing peoples opinions I say) TIED. The new ACP leaders are really bad at posting pics on their site and since I never attend any of their battles I have no idea how they’re doing. They also are posting way too much (almost as much as the Fire Warriors :P ). Boomer also gave up the ACP’s position as the most powerful army in Club Penguin. However, Boomer isn’t really an ACP leader anymore and I kind of doubt any of the actual ACP leaders would admit that.
  3. IW: The IW also had an incredibly busy week. They started it off with a promotion day and then a LOLWUT invasion, a PB with the Tacos that (in the end) they owned at, a PB with IMAF (which the also owned at) and a PB with the DW. The IW are continuing to hold onto their 3rd most powerful army position.
  4. FW: Didn’t do too much. Had a tactics session and their weekly leader’s fight. :P They are also getting their mass recruiting session soon.
  5. WW: Really didn’t do much. Had an active count (46 people), a Promotion Day and a party. Aren’t really posting enough.
  6. ST: These guys took a huge leap forward today. They had a PB with the ACP Delta division, which they tied at. In my opinion this isn’t that great. They’re the size of 1/3 of ACP. Wow. But they still did prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are starting up an Active Count. In my opinion, ST keeps leaping forward and then falling back a little over and over again.
  7. BP: These guys also took a huge leap forward. They have a couple of pictures on their site with them at full chat, but I’ve gone on it a couple of times and they usually only have their chat half full. They also don’t have very many people at their battles. They say that they’re really underestimated, but they still have a lot to prove. They might be bigger than ST, but I put them behind ST because I don’t really think they are. Their upcoming PB with ST will decide that.
  8. DW: I really don’t know what to think of these guys. They had a PB with the IW which it looked like they were beating them at, but I don’t really think so. Also, the IW had no leaders at the PB. They have some pictures of  them “proving” that they are really big, but those pictures are really old. Also, that was at a recruiting session. At recruiting sessions you can get a TON of people to dress up in your color and dance around with you, that aren’t actually in your army. If you look closely at their really good picture of them, you can see that really only 6 or so of them are actually in DW.
  9. RPF: I think that these guys are a little underestimated, but it is true that they are definitely not what they used to be. They had an election for a new leader this week and Furburt won (surprise, surprise), but otherwise haven’t really done anything for a while. They apparently ”defended Tundra” a while back, but I didn’t see a single RPF soldier at that battle. They REALLY need to schedule some stuff. Once they have some pictures on their site showing that they actually have some people, maybe I’ll move them up.
  10. UMA: I know that I might have ranked these guys too low, but they’re going to have to prove that they are still alive to move back up. They had an active count (46 people) and promotion day, but that’s pretty much it. I want to see some pictures of them on their site before I rank them up anymore.

Wotons Opinion: There are WAY too many black armies (not to mean that in a racist way :P )

I would usually have this awesome section where I make fun of the Club Penguin Times, but since this is posted in the middle of the week, I won’t.

CPA Central works to support small/medium armies. Every week we have a new Army of the Week, who’s banner we put on CPA Central’s sidebar and post in CPA Weekly. This week’s Army of the Week is:



Want to have your army be the Army of the Week? Click here!

I hope you have enjoyed the first ever CPA Weekly! This is CPA Central’s first real post since it’s release date. There will be a ton of new posts coming your way soon!

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  1. 1st Post, 1st Comment. Suck it.


  2. 2nd comment ! Good job working on the posts


  3. 1st post, 2nd comment. Suck it, unless your Cewan.


  4. Nachos are 1st in the first ever Top Ten?
    BOO YAH!!!! :mrgreen:


  5. Thumbs up if you’re reading this in 2013


  6. b1 sent me here


  7. 2015 fags


  8. […] out when the CP Army Central initiated a rankings of their own. The first of these, published on August 5th 2009 by Woton, was a more researched version that was based on his opinion. This saw the Nachos crowned […]


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